What’s in a Name? (Part 1)

Activities that incorporate each child’s name can support learning in several developmental areas.  Think about the daily routine.  How many times a day is a child exposed to their name or each child’s name.

child at a cubbieAs a child enters the center, she finds her name on his cubbie. Takes off his jacket and hangs it up on the hook next to her name. Afterwards, she moves her name from Home to School.

Photo: Community Playthings


During Morning Meeting or Circle Time, teachers will introduce the beginning of this time with a song that uses each child’s name.  Children and teachers review of who is here today.  When choosing classroom helpers, the children’s names are used again.  When children see their name and their classmates names, they begin to recognize letters.

attendance 2Photo: Daily Attendance and Helper Chart from Lakeshore

The following video from Expect More Arizona focuses on child names in different learning activities. While watching the video observe the different activities.  Think about the following question: How does using child names support the child in each of the developmental domains?  

central domains

” target=”_blank”>Early Childhood Education: Constructive Learning Environments







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