“Do not lose a child!” Our compliance manager stresses after training our staff the Face-to-Name Tracking Procedure. To prevent children from being left in a room or on a playground, this procedure has been implemented in many child care centers.

A face to name tracking is just like it sounds.  When transitioning from one area to another (classroom to the playground)  the classroom attendance form is used to track children before and after the transition.  Let’s say you are going to the playground. Before exiting the classroom, gather the children, the attendance tracking sheet.  Read the name of a child, look for the child, make eye contact with the child. Once you see the child, mark the tracking sheet confirming that the child is present. Continue going down the list and verifying that all children are in the classroom. Leave the room with all of the children. When you get to the playground, do another face to name check.  Make sure that all children that left the room with you, are now on the playground. The same process will be followed when returning to the classroom.

We often hear news reports of children left on a bus, on a playground or found wandering along side the road unattended.  This past week it had happened.  If your child care center does not do this, I encourage you to start!


About mosaic4learning

I am Child Development Professional experience in training and Professional Development. I have presented at Pre-Service or In-Service for Head Start Programs, Child Care Centers and Preschools. Presentations include, but not limited to Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention, Dual Language Learners in ECE, Cultural Diversity, and Inclusion. C.L.A.S.S. Certified Observer (Preschool) Environmental Rating Scales (ITERS, ECERS) Professional Development Specialist for Child Development Associate (CDA)
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